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When running, I usually have a few tools with me to record what I’m doing. On the one hand, this gives me the possibility to see statistics about my current workout, such as distance and pace. After each run, I can check my overall progress and distance over the past week, month, or year (which can be more or less motivational from times to times). On the other hand, I can use my smartphone to take photos and publish them here. And finally, recording the track of my run has even helped me find my way back “home” on some runs in foreign areas!

At the moment, I am using an iPhone SE (buy on Amazon), which has the RunKepper app (link to iTunes) installed. To avoid having to carry the phone at all times, I place it in a smartphone pocket by  Adidas (buy at SportScheck). For some time (until it got stolen), I additionally used to wear a Pebble Smartwatch (buy on Amazon), which gave certain statistics at a glance on the wrist.

As an inspiration for new runs around the globe, I sporadically have a look in the book “The World’s Ultimate Running Races” (buy on Amazon). The book covers short reports and photos of runs of all kinds in every place on earth you can (or actually can’t) imagine to run, guided by the slogan “500 Races, 101 Counrties, Choose Your Adventure”. By now, I’ve been able to cross off 3-4 of these adventures from my imaginable todo-list.

Do you have other / additional tools, gadgets or motivation for your running? If so, I am looking forward to your comments!

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