Eifel Extrem – Belgenbach Trail Run

The Belgenbachtrail Run was my first official race marked as trail run. As a frequent forrest runner with my dog, this was not all too much different from my usual running routine. But still it was a new experience running a forrest trail as a race, covering a distance of 10 km and several hundreds of meters in height.

The organisers warned not to go for record times, as the trail was still covered with snow, ice and mud. So the challenge was not to slip or trip, instead of pacing hard or enjoying the nature too much.

With roughly 10*C and a lot of sunshine, it was nevertheless a great nature experience.

After all, I managed the trail without any falls and actually came in at a very satisfying 51st place (out of a total of 191 runners).

I am sure, this was not my last participation in a trail running race!

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